Martin Gould: I never give up and now I’m living the dream

Martin Gould (Eurosport Germany)
Foto: Eurosport Deutschland

Martin Gould is currently ranked at the 24th position of the World Snooker Ranking. This season he has reached the semifinals of the International Championship and the quarter-finals of the Shanghai Masters and the UK Championship. He also qualified for the final group of the Championship League, competition in which he got his first 147 as a professional player. He talks to us about the recently completed season but also about his memories and his goals, and he does it with passion and love for his sport and the people who support him in his dream. 

– How did you start to play snooker?

How did I start playing snooker is an interesting question as I don’t really know, my dad was an avid watcher of snooker when I was a baby and I would always sit with him and watch, my family then got me a little table and it started from there. Really I would never come off it. It’s also strange as no one in my family plays snooker either, my dad played a bit, but he won’t mind me saying he wasn’t very good.

– Did you ever think you could become a professional player?

I always had in my mind growing up that all I would do in life is play snooker so if it hadn’t worked out I was pretty screwed as I didn’t finish school and no qualifications but I’ve got great family who were always behind me and some very select but great friends backing me as well. I had times when I never thought my dreams would come true due to personal family reasons etc, but I never give up and now I’m living the dream as a professional snooker player.

Martin Gould (World Snooker)
Foto: World Snooker

– One of the most special moments of your career was when you got your first ranking title in Germany in 2016. What do you remember of that day? 

Winning my 1st major ranking event in Germany was massive for me as I’d been very close in the past losing in finals, so I knew it was coming it was just a matter of getting out there and doing it, 2500 fans in 1 arena cheering for me (and Luca -Brecel- of course) was amazing they took the roof off that building it’s a very special day in my life and I’ll never forget it.

– This season you’ve got your first 147, one of the biggest challenges that a snooker player aspires to. How did you feel at that moment?

It was nice to finally make a professional 147 in competition, I felt very relaxed during that break and once I potted the finally yellow I knew I wasn’t going to miss which is a nice feeling.

The season has been a bit irregular for you, but you’ve had some brilliant moments in which you have achieved some great results. What is your balance? What are your goals for next season?

I think every player has good and bad times during a season apart from 2 events I qualified for everything else and had few good performances, so I can take a lot from that and use the experience to help in future tournaments, what a lot of people won’t know is I haven’t been practicing as I don’t have a club to go to and practice on daily basis it’s been over a year now since I done some proper practice just nicking the odd Hour here and there at venues isn’t always going to work so the fact I reached a semi-final and few quarter-finals was pleasing considering the circumstances. My goals for the new season are same as always to enjoy myself at tournaments and keep enjoying playing the game and of course be nice to win some more events.

– Do you have any special routine in your match days?

Any special routine I’m not sure if I do, to be honest, nothing that I’ve noticed.

– Is there any match during your career that you remember especially for any reason?

There are quite a few matches I remember in my career from 1st match I ever played as a professional to losing to Neil Robertson at the crucible to winning German masters, but the match with Neil stands out most I learnt so much from that match despite losing I took so many positives from it to use as my career goes on.




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